Options, Considerations, and Questions


This week, I have not done as much of my weekly research as I would have liked to. I have not done a lot of networking and have not used my Personal Learning Network (PLN) as I should have. I have, however, used my resources in learning how to become a helicopter pilot in the military option that I aspire to become. Through talking with my higher-ranking officials, I have been able to come up with several routes I could take on becoming a helicopter pilot and flying.

One course of action that I have the opportunity of pursuing is contracting through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). With the contract, I would have the opportunity to compete for the branch I would like to pursue (Aviation) upon graduation from college. This would prove to be effective because I would have a college degree under my belt and would be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, which would be the start of my Officer career. The Officer side of the military is beneficial because it offers a greater chance for leadership development, among other things.

The second course of action that is available to me is completing the current contract I have in the military (four years remaining) and enlisting again under a different Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). This option is more difficult to complete, as the military is not too apt to sending a soldier to school to learn a new MOS when he or she is already qualified for his or her previous MOS.

There were several other options that I learned about but were derivatives of these two primary options. The best option I have, I believe, is to complete my degree and contract under ROTC so I can have the knowledge of my degree and still have the opportunity to become an Aviation pilot. This option would prove to be a significant amount easier and less likely to change on my in the future. There are still a great amount of questions that I have to ask and get answers for but I believe this is the best option for me at this time and is the one that I will be pursuing until I find a more efficient and effective option.


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