PSA Concerning ds106

ds106Attention all teachers!….and students!….and, well, everyone with access to a computer! A fairly new site has emerged on the web that offers a fun and exciting way to create works of art that stimulate your brain and present you with the opportunity to engage your creative side! This wonderful site is called ds106!

Ds106 is a site that offers students of all ages a chance to express their creative sides in writing, photography, drawing, as well as audio and video creations. On the other hand, however, these daily assignments can give students the opportunity to develop and hone in on the creative sides that they may be lacking in. I, for example, lack a great amount of drawing ability but have a decent amount of writing capabilities that help me excel in some of my classes.

What’s great about this site is the fact that everything changes daily and is never the same as a previous assignment or activity. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to go into the archives of past assignments to find some that seem interesting to me. With this, I can further develop and expand my creative abilities and not just limit them to the specific assignments that are currently listed. I may not be able to do some of the assignments due to physical or technological limitations i.e. location, editing software, etc. which prompts me to go into the archives to find a similar assignment and complete it, giving me the same critical thinking skills as would have been provided previously.

I would definitely use this site in my future classroom, as it offers a plethora of activities for my students to do, while having fun and engaging in worth-while assignments. Students are able to collaborate with each other in a variety of ways that engage their critical thinking skills and help to ensure they can participate in differing creative mediums. When I become a teacher, I think it would be cool to have every student in the class complete the same assignment or activity and have them all displayed for the class to vote on. The voting would instill in the students a sense of pride when their piece of work or completion is voted as the best in the class.

As for me, I would like to continue to do the daily create assignments because they are fun for me to do if I can put my own spin on them. I really do enjoy completing them and find it enjoyable to view other students works and how they completed it or interpreted the activity.



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