Infographic Review


Here’s the infographic I made!

This week, I was challenged to create a graphic/visual infographic where I use an online tool to create a visual form of information that is appealing to the eye and informative. I chose to use Piktochart because the name sounded kinda cool to me. This was definitely a learning curve to me! I have hardly ever used websites or applications such as this one so it was a little challenging to me. After watching the tutorial, I was feeling hopeful but after messing around with the buttons and everything for a few minutes, I felt I had disregarded everything the tutorial had shown and that I was teaching myself (maybe the benefits of being a kinesthetic learner?). I got frustrated towards the end because it didn’t save everything I worked on, despite having pressed the save button. Not long after that, though, I had done away with the previous idea I had in mind and started from scratch, with a finished product completed in less than ten minutes. I like how simple this website is to use and that I’m able to create a lot of different designs without the need of a paid membership. I have found, however, that it is extremely difficult to publish everything that is on the infographic page being made. For example, I had to go back about four or five different times, altering things here or there just so that anyone who views my page is able to see it. A huge pain in the rear.

            The information is used in the infographic was that of a topic of which a pilot and I have been discussing for the past several days. It seemed fitting to do some research on it and to show what I’ve been doing with my time since I last posted.

            In the future, I might use these sites if I have an enormous amount of patience and time on my hands. Otherwise, it takes too long and aggravates me entirely too much in order for it to be a justifiable means of presenting information in a colorful way to my students. Don’t get me wrong, I think visual appeal definitely helps when presenting information but as it stands, I’ll take a boring presentation over being stressed and irritable any day of the week.


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