Could You Do It?


After viewing Paul Miller’s TED Talk, there are numerous things that go through my head when putting this in perspective of my life. First, (for me) going off the grid like this wouldn’t be very hard. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Facebook account and text semi-often (I’m a fan of calling people when I can’t talk to them face-to-face); I’ll surf the web for cool tattoo ideas, workout plans and the like. I’ll admit I use the internet and digital devices quite regularly. But I’m not dependent upon them. If someone told me I couldn’t use the computer, my phone, T.V., and other items like it, I could honestly say I would not be too upset about it. Now, on the other hand, I think it would be extremely difficult for me as a student not to use the internet not so much because I need it but, well, because I need it. With all of the technological advances that have been made in even just the last few years, it would be difficult for me to complete some (or most, really) of my homework and online classes. I’m sure I could find books and such in the library but when a professor requires students to go online, watch a video, and post a forum or blog about it (much like I’m doing now), going without digital devices and the internet to complete the requires tasks would prove to be almost impossible. But if the stars aligned and I was not a student, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do away with modern technologies. Plus, I’m nostalgic for a time in which I never grew up (the ‘70s and ‘80s) so my slowly amassing collection of vinyl records would keep me set with music, as far as I’m concerned.

Second in my head-thoughts, I think that’s the difference between 95% of people who use digital technology today and myself—dependency. Too many people become dependent upon technology and think that they need some portion of it in almost every aspect of their life: finance, news (concerning all or a few topics), work, travel, social (friends and family), etc. It is my belief that we have adopted this mindset to blanket the idea that we need digital technology in our lives, forgetting how 30 years ago, very few people had portable telephones on their person (which only made or received phone calls—crazy!).

Lastly, it’s this same mindset (being dependent upon digital technology) that makes people with thoughts similar to mine dependent upon technology by default. This is a real bummer to me because I sure do like seeing people’s faces when they aren’t looking at their phones.


One thought on “Could You Do It?

  1. To be honest, I couldn’t live without my games and anime. Yes, I have a substantial collection of anime on DVD, but that requires a TV. Netflix also provides quite a wide selection of anime (when it wants to), but again that takes the net. To get my dose of anime I would have to learn Japanese REALLY quick, and either move to Japan or subscribe to various manga, and I’m sorry, reading just isn’t the same in English, so I’m guessing reading in Kanji will be different. Too many characters too remember to quickly. 🙂


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