It’s the Final Blog Post!

Final Countdown“We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well.”

I really enjoy this quote by Will Richardson in his blog post, The Steep “Unlearning Curve”. I’ve always wanted to say to my students when I’m a teacher: “I do not know everything. Do not be afraid to question my teaching or the material being taught. But, in doing so, be prepared to give quality backing evidence that supports your claim. Because I will not tolerate interrupting accusations in this class.” And I would say it all slow and dramatic-like. Makes for a good time!

Prior to this class, I would say I was slightly innovative in my thinking. I looked at problems differently than my peers and found out new and (for me) exciting ways to solve those problems. My thinking is something that scares people sometimes and when I try to follow it, it can be a little scary for me as well. But, hey, if it gets the job done in a more efficient or effective way, then who am I to question it? But after taking this class, I can honestly say that I have been able to expand my mind to more possibilities of learning (and even teaching) that I think would benefit both my future classroom and myself as well.

This semester, I have unlearned that digital teaching can’t be an effective way to facilitate learning. I have been able to go back to previous assigned sites and re-learn everything when I need to. With printing off course materials, I have been able to use those as my books where I can mark, highlight, and takes notes on to better teach myself. I have facilitated my own learning when I thought everything was dependent upon the teacher. And this was one of the biggest things that I learned: not everything is taught by the teacher. I have learned that in order to better learn the content or to learn more about it, there needs to be outside research and self-teaching that contributes to the learning of the original content. And I think this was a pretty big surprise on my part; being able (and having the desire and motivation!) to go out of my way on my own time to learn more about everything that I have learned.


From here, I plan on using some of the tech tools included in this year’s class and continuing my own research on finding more new and exciting tech tools that can better facilitate learning. I hope to be able to find sites that are appealing to students and easy for them to get a grasp on and utilize both in and out of the classroom. I may even continue to use the Daily Creates on my own time just to be able to let my creativity flow and have fun with them!


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